Our main research purpose is promoting Cultural Awareness among students, managers, Entrepreneurs and Institutions. The 3CLab supports the improvement of Cultural Intelligence through different academic opportunities. We are specifically focused on:

– Cross Cultural Perspective applied to Management and Entrepreneurship

– Students’ Cultural Intelligence

– Cross Cultural Negotiation in International Business

-Heterogeneity of Family Business Governance across Countries and Cultures”


Research Activity

Our Research Activity investigates the cultural perspective applied to management and entrepreneurship.

This subject has a strong multidisciplinary focus, with a wide range of practical uses as:

  • Decision Support Systems
  • Global Virtual Teams
  • National Innovation Systems
  • Family Business
  • Healthcare and Public Management
  • Immigration



The Internal Services, provided to UNISA students and offices, include:
  • Cross Cultural Competence assessment
  • Analysis of training needs for cultural skills acquirement
  • Support to Technology Transfer Office and International Relations Office



Main External Services for:
  • Managers and entrepreneur

Cross Cultural Competence Assessment and Training

  • Firms

Cross Cultural Adjustment Assistance during the Negotiation Process Training for Expatriates and Country Managers

  • Public, Nonprofit Organizations and Healthcare Professionals

Action Planning for managing Cultural Differences in Educational Context Training for Employees and Volunteers

  • Universities and Business Schools

Support to Internatinalization Process of Degree and Master Courses

Support to the Planning Process and Implementation of Study Tours