3CLab Crew

Bice Della Piana

Scientific Director and chairs the International Board of the 3CLab Network

Francesco Di Vincenzo

Research assistant (Cross Cultural Negotiation) and CQ Data-Base manager

Albachiara De Cola

Research assistant (Cultural Risk Analysis) and Students class animation

Francesca Avallone

Research assistant (Student’s CQ Development) and Student Engagement manager

Matteo Pastore

Research assistant (Southest Indonesian Context Analysis)

Erica Ambrosino

Research Assistant (Student Engagement) and Social Media Manager

Sara Fucile

Research Assistant (Expatriate Management) and International Project Manager Junior

Inna Bogachik

Research assistant (Intercultural Mediation) and Chief Editor of 3CLabMagazine

Maria Sole Martino

Facilitator (Cross Cultural Management course) and Buddy System Project Manager

Olga D'Amaro

Facilitator (Cross Cultural Management course) and India Relationship Manager