Our Laboratory


We are a teaching laboratory and a research hub located in the Management & Innovation Systems Department within the University of Salerno.
We promote teaching and research on Cross Cultural Competence, Cultural Intelligence and Cross Cultural Management”



We regularly teach courses on Cross Cultural Competence and Cross Cultural Awareness. Our courses feature innovative teaching methods such as role-playing games aimed at increasing cultural intelligence and promoting cultural differences.

Knowledge and understanding

Understanding of interactions between different cultures within an organisation or between organisations of different nationalities.

Application of knowledge

Acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to problem solving (solving problems arising from cultural differences).

Expressing judgements

Develop skills in critical analysis to make judgements about the "agreement area" in the negotiation process.

Communication skills

Developing the interpersonal and communication skills needed to work effectively within international, multinational or global organisations


Our main research aim is to promote cultural awareness among student managers, entrepreneurs and institutions. 3CLab supports the improvement of cultural intelligence through different academic opportunities. We are specifically focused on:

- Intercross-cultural perspective applied to management and entrepreneurship

- Cultural intelligence of students

- Cross-Cultural Negotiation in International Affairs Business (Dunque correggere anche in italiano: nei business internazionali)

- Heterogeneity of family business governance between countries and cultures.

Our research activity investigates the cultural perspective applied to management and entrepreneurship.

It has a strong multidisciplinary value that converges in a variety of practical topics as:

- Decision support system

- Global Virtual Teams

- National innovation systems

– Family Buniness

- Healthcare and Public Management

- Immigration



Internal services provided to students and Unisa offices administrative staff include: studenti e uffici Unisa comprendono:

- Assessment of intercultural competences

- Analysis of training needs for the acquisition of cultural skills

- Support to the International Relations Office


Managers and entrepreneurs:

- Assessment and training of intercultural competences


- Assistance for cross cultural adaptation during training on the negotiation process for expatriates and international managers

Public, non-profit organizations and health workers:

- Action planning for the management of cultural differences in the formation of the education context for employees and volunteers

Universities and Business Schools:

- Support to the internationalization process of degree and master courses

- Support to the process of planning and implementation of Study trips Tour Program.


Academic partnership

Business and other organization

High school