3CLab Crew

Bice Della Piana

Scientific Director and chairs the International Board of the 3CLab Network

Francesco Di Vincenzo

Research assistant (Cross Cultural Negotiation) and CQ Data-Base manager

Albachiara De Cola

Research assistant (Cultural Risk Analysis) and Students class animation

Francesca Avallone

Research assistant (Student’s CQ Development) and Student Engagement manager

Maria Giovanna De Rosa

Research assistant (Fashion Industry) and Social Media Manager

Erica Ambrosino

Research assistant (International Project Management) and Social Media Manager.

Matteo Pastore

Research assistant (Southest Indonesian Context Analysis)


Francesco Acanfora

  • Virtual Study Tour Italy Coordinator
  • Social Media intern.

Cecilia Vita

  • Past facilitator
  • Research assistant: “Cultural intelligence and global leader”
  • Hospitality management Study Tour 2018

Elena Sofia Venezia

  • Past facilitator 
  • Research assistant:

    - “Leadership and culture in Mergers and Acquisition”
    - “Cultural diversity and self-development: the erasmus experience”

  • Past social media co-editor
  • Hospitality management Study Tour 2018
  • Current tasks out the 3clab: Functional development on ERP SAP S/4 HANA and on ERP SAP FMS to Deloitte Italy – Consulting

Ilaria Versace

  • Past facilitator
  • Research assistant to the coordination of international strategies
  • Hospitality management Study Tour 2018
  • Attività attuali esterne al 3CLab: associate service delivery manager presso IBM CIC, Napoli

Luca Lanzetta

  • Web & Media Content strategist

Carlo D'Aloia

  • Past facilitator
  • Coach X-culture

Ludovica Della Monica

  • Past facilitator 

Leslie Johanna Marín

  • Past facilitator
  • Past social media engagement officer
  • Assistente alla ricerca
  • Attività attuali esterne al 3CLab:
    Department Manager presso Decathlon Italia

Morena De Maio

  • Research assistant:
    - “Leader Follower Exchange” in collaboration with Florida institute of technology and Adana University 
  • Coach at the “Borsa Mediterranea Formazione e Lavoro”
  • Coach “ScopriTalento POT”

Luigi Iacono

  • Digital Strategist

Stefania Bianco

  • Past web content editor
  • Videomaker/photographer
  • Information officer at Borsa Mediterranea Formazione e lavoro
  • Content creator for the project “Scopri talento Pot”

Team degli esperti

Bianca Barone

  • Corporate Anthropologist
  • People Development Manager
  • Digital Health professional

Mariadomenica Lo Nostro

  • Associate Professor at the University of Salerno of the language, culture and institutions of French-speaking countries
  • Intercultural Educator and Mediator

Olga Plyaskina

  • Certified Cultural Intelligence trainer of Cultural Intelligence center
  • ESL and Russian as a foreign language teacher

Anna Oriolo

  • Ph.D., Associate Professor of International Law
  • Legal Expert and Scientific Coordinator in International and EU issues

Claudio Pinto

  • Scholar/expert in firms’ performance measurement and production process modelling with DEA and NDEA
  • Scholar/expert in economic and social network formation modelling

Adolfo Senatore

  • Ph.D., Professore associato del Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale UniSa e presidente del consiglio didattico di Ingegneria Meccanica e Gestionale
  • Coordinator and research responsible of technology transfer projects

Fatiha Chakir

  • Cultural mediator
  • Cultural tourism expert
  • Arabic language interpreter and translator
  • Expert in cultural linguistic mediation in the Arab world