Team degli esperti

Bianca Barone

  • Corporate Anthropologist
  • People Development Manager
  • Digital Health professional

Mariadomenica Lo Nostro

  • Associate Professor at the University of Salerno of the language, culture and institutions of French-speaking countries
  • Intercultural Educator and Mediator

Olga Plyaskina

  • Certified Cultural Intelligence trainer of Cultural Intelligence center
  • ESL and Russian as a foreign language teacher

Anna Oriolo

  • Ph.D., Associate Professor of International Law
  • Legal Expert and Scientific Coordinator in International and EU issues

Claudio Pinto

  • Scholar/expert in firms’ performance measurement and production process modelling with DEA and NDEA
  • Scholar/expert in economic and social network formation modelling

Adolfo Senatore

  • Ph.D., Professore Ordinario Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale UniSa e presidente del consiglio didattico di Ingegneria Meccanica e Gestionale
  • Coordinator and research responsible of technology transfer projects

Luca Lanzetta

  • Media Specialist

Fatiha Chakir

  • Cultural mediator
  • Cultural tourism expert
  • Arabic language interpreter and translator
  • Expert in cultural linguistic mediation in the Arab world

Roberto Rossi

  • Expert in History of Organizations and Management

Nicola Carrano

  • Temporary  Manager
  • Processi di Internazionalizzazione
  • Esperto della proprietà intellettuale

Maryam Viziri

  • University lecturer, phd in communication and journalism, expert in intercultural communication