3CLab's trainee is collaborative and ready to work in group!

He has also the possibility to work individually on specific themes but, in any cases, he will always be in contact with the 3CLabers. 

He will have tasks that need to be ended consistently with the 3CLab's deadlines.

The tasks are assigned on the basis of his/her personal competences, abilities and desire to work in specific fields. No task is the same as another, it is defined time after time together with the student.

His/Her creativity together with that of the whole team, will generate a unique and only internship experience. Curiosity, problem solving skills and strong motivation are awarded: the 3CLab's trainee won't have to worry about making mistakes because mistakes are opportunities of improving.

For more details send an e-mail to tirocinio.3clab.disa@unisa.it


Academic partnership

Business and other organization

High school