Study Tour Italy I edition – March 2018

Organized by the 3CLab in collaboration with IAE Aix Marseille Graduate School of Management, he Study Tour Italy is a unique learning experience aimed at providing participants with a “touch & feel” experience as well as an exposure to the complexities of the interplay between family and business. It is an intense week of course time, firm visits and Flash Consulting projects, a series of specific recommendations provided by the Study Tour participants to the partner companies during the firm visits.

TedxSalerno – June 2018

In June 2018 the Scientific Director of the 3CLab was invited to hold a TedTalk about her work and specifically on her idea of Beauty and Goodness of a Leader. You can find the full speech at:

Award Ceremony – january 2019

3CLab has successfully been participated in “No Stereotipi. SviluppiAMO Parità” competition – a public call launched by Campania Regional Council aimed at promoting gender equality – winning the first award with its short movie “Woman portrait”

You can find the full movie here:

Borsa Mediterranea Formazione e Lavoro – April 2019

In april 2019 we have collaborated with “Borsa Mediterranea Formazione e Lavoro”. The Scientific Director Bice Della Piana was one of the coaches in the Hackathon competition, assisted by 3CLab Junior Members. The event was a non-virtual “LinkedIn”, a physical space where contamination of knowledge and relationships sparkle confrontation and debates for all the participants.