Teaching Lab


3CLab supports the improvement of Cultural Intelligence through different academic opportunities aimed at creating Culturally Competent Resources.



Here at the University of Salerno we regularly hold Cross Cultural Competence and Cross Cultural Management courses, aimed at increasing the Cultural Awareness of our students. The courses feature innovative teaching methods as roleplaying and gaming session aimed at increasing Cultural Intelligence and promoting understanding of cultural differences.

Cross Cultural Competence students 2018



– Knowledge and understanding

Analyzing cultural variables that impact on individual and organizational behavior.

Understanding the interactions between different cultures within an organization or between organizations of different nationalities.


– Applying knowledge and understanding

Acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to problem solving (problems’ resolution resulting from cultural differences).


– Making judgements

Developing skills in critical analysis for making judgments related to the “agreement zone” in the negotiation process.


– Communication and learning skills

Developing interpersonal and communication skills needed to work effectively within international, multinational or global organizations.


If you are a student and you are considering a period abroad, you should know that we also offer the possibility to intern for a few months in our laboratory. During your experience with us you will contribute to our mission of spreading cultural awareness performing research work and enhancing the development process of the 3CLab network.